Packed lunch

Three years ago The Highland News noted that Highland Councillors were enjoying free food, from lunches to coffee and biscuits at meetings.

Some councillors at the time seemed sufficiently embarrassed to offer to pay for their food but three years later the same newspaper reveals that the council's canteen spend is over budget by several thousands of pounds.

At a time when councillors have voted for savage budget cuts is it not about time they all started taking a packed lunch and closed their canteen?

I wonder how many of Nairn's councillors still enjoy their free gastronomic trough? Looks like the parking charges in Nairn that the majority of our councillors voted for will be helping to subsidise their staff canteen.

Nothing like being part of a gravy train. I wonder how many Nairnites enjoy a free meal in a canteen at their work?

Meanwhile some families struggle to put a meal on their table and children go hungry. Free food for councillors is yet another disgrace. 

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  1. What's wrong with local councillors? They seem to want to represent the interests of Highland council rather than their communities -

  2. I used to make a point of saying hello to all our councillors and sometimes have a bit of a gossip. I'd cross the street if I saw one walking towards me now


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