Men in suits

As we approach the 2018 Nairn Book and Arts Festival our small town is beginning to buzz.

Men in linen suits have started to appear, many wearing hats. During the day they sit outside our many cafes reading newspapers such as The Guardian watching life pass by.

No one is sure as to where they go of an evening, or indeed if they're staying in the town. Many suspect that their annual appearance is to look at venues and suss out where the best seats are.

One thing for sure, they're not here to attend the showies.

Oddly enough they don't seem have have female equivalents  or at least none that are so apparent by their dress code and behaviour.

Many more of these gentlemen of the arts will appear in Nairn once the Edinburgh Fringe has finished.

We would advise any Nairn residents who like to read The Guardian to place an order with their newsagent as you can be sure all copies will soon be snapped up!