Shock move

In a shock move a Nairn councillor has announced that he's joined the flat earth society.

Whilst we're all hopefully open to new ideas the councillor has published a list of his beliefs that we've listed below

• There are no traffic issues at the Lochloy/A96 junction.

• The waiting list for housing in Nairn is just those people wishing to move to a bigger property.

• Traffic lights are not a problem in Nairn, we need more to keep the traffic flowing.

• Parking charges would be welcome in Nairn and would mean a greater number of people shopping on the High Street.

• The need for a new Nairn bypass is questionable, Nairn doesn't have traffic issues.

• Nairn is much better governed by the council in Inverness rather than the nonsense ideas of local democracy

• Community councils should be abolished

• The paddling pool should be filled in, it's too great a pull on resources.

• Councillors should be paid much more as they provide a great service to Highland council

• The swimming pool, library and service point in Nairn should all be closed now to save much needed money. People can go to Inverness for such services if they need them.

• The earth is flat a little like my ideas